Welcome to the 22nd International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems – NLDB 2017

University of Liège, Liège, Belgium

NLDB 2017

Since 1995, the NLDB conference brings together researchers, industry practitioners, and potential users interested in various application of Natural Language in the Database and Information Systems field. The integration of databases and natural language has been quest for many years; yet progress has been made, and it is now an established field thanks to developments in Natural Language and technologies, which made the storage and analysis of large electronic corpora possible.


The field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) has itself recently experienced several exciting developments. In research, these developments have been reflected in the emergence of neural language models (Deep Learning, Word2Vec) and a (renewed) interest in various linguistic phenomena, such as in discourse and argumentation theory (argumentation mining). Regarding applications, NLP systems have evolved to the point that they now offer real-life, tangible benefits to enterprises. Many of these NLP systems are now considered a de-facto offering in business intelligence suites, such as algorithms for recommender systems and opinion mining/sentiment analysis as well as question-answering systems.


It is against this backdrop of recent innovations in NLP and its applications in information systems that the 22nd edition of the NLDB conference – NLDB2017, takes place. We welcome research and industrial contributions, describing novel, previously unpublished works on NLP and its applications across a plethora of topics as described in the Call for Papers.

NLDB 2017 is organized by the University of Liège, Belgium, from the 21st-23rd June 2017. Liège is a vibrant, young city, with a rich history, and situated right at the heart of Europe.



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